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michael supernatural!michael supernatural my truemate michael x reader sam winchester dean winchester castiel benny lafitte supernatural!au supernatural fic supernatural fanfic supernatural fanfiction supernatural series dean winchester x castiel sam winchester x sarah blake supernatural a/b/o spn a/b/o alpha/beta/omega au a/b/o dynamics a/b/o ... To me he's a bland and uninteresting character with very little personality. After Belphegor is revealed to have betrayed them, Castiel hits him, knocking off the sunglasses and revealing Jack's burned-out eyes. Sam and Castiel were. Read Jack x reader from the story Supernatural One Shots(COMPLETED) by CT-5445 (CT) with 1,555 reads. Mar 05, 2011 · For the sweetest Angel :). I love his smile. (My Twitter friend plays Future Castiel [role play], and I call him Muffin Man - long story, why ;). The video i... Deep Impact* - FP Jones x reader. Coming Home - FP Jones x reader . Is it true what they say? - FPJones x reader Series Part 1 Part 2* Part 3* Taking him home - Sweet Pea x reader . Supernatural: Let me know you’re okay - Castiel x reader. I’d do anything to be like you - Benny LaFitte x reader. Teen Wolf: Who would’ve thought - Theo ... Pairing: Endverse!Cas x reader, Castiel x reader. Word Count: 1.8k. Warnings: brief angst I suppose, croats, Castiel is so precious and oblivious. Back to the Future Masterlist. Originally posted by ehghtyseven. Originally posted by princesscas. After dinner at the mess hall, Cas brought you and Castiel back to his cabin for the night. Love // Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader Requests: “(Summary of request one) Can you make reader dance team captain and Monty fawns over them dancing.” and “Hey! I love your writing can you do a #1 and... “Y/N is that any way to treat your future brother in law?” ... CAS cas x reader cas x you cas x Y/N castiel x reader castiel x you castle x y/n castle imagine cas ...

Tomcat root directoryBreaking The Rules - Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Eileen (Written for as-the-saying-goes-bingo) Originally posted by iwatchforher. I Choose You - Sebastian Stan x Reader x Anthony Mackie. I Don’t Go to the Gym for the Exercising - Sebastian Stan x Reader. A Future Avenger - Bucky Barnes x Reader. If You’re Reading This (Four ... So I login on and start to work on a Dean X Reader when I saw that I have over a 100 follows. I squealed and fell out of my desk chair. I know it may not be a big deal to everyone but I thought no one would read my work. ** The directory includes not only fics wherein the characters are pregnant, but fics which imply a pregnancy will occur at a future date, or in which a pregnancy has already occurred. This tag allows the reader to know which to expect. *** The tag heat/mating cycles implies a degree of dub-con in of itself, owing to the nature of most heat!fics.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Castiel: There are a lot of stupid girls around here. Well, they're always together. Two brunettes and a blonde, Amber I think. I just got here and already they're hassling me.-----Castiel: Ah ha, you're talking about Nathaniel's sister and her friends? If there was an award for being stuck up pains, they would win it. So you'll help me?

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Can’t Help Myself No More (Castiel X Nathaniel) Ch.5. It’s spring break for Sweet Amoris University. The ever-mischievous Markona (my candygirl) has decided to take action and help Castiel finally confess his feelings to Nathaniel.

Yet again, this season dials up the epic yet another notch. At the end of the last season, Lucifer was released (have they ever had a s... Study Hours Masterlist (student!Castiel x professor!reader AU, MA) GISH-WHAT? (Castiel x reader fluff based on GISHWHES) The Devil Whispered in My Ear (Casifer x reader, Castiel x reader, MA) Scandalous (Castiel x reader, set around 14x15, MA) Nightmare (Castiel x reader one shot, angsty song fic based off of the Halsey track of the same name ...

Example of consequentialism in healthcareCas x Reader (Future!Cas) Warnings: language, angst Summary: Y/N takes a first look at her journal. A/N: This is part of a series! Read the other parts first! You can find them on the Master List! Your name: submit What is this? You flipped through the journal until you could see a visual change in the appearance of the pages. Castiel x Child!Reader - In Progress. Castiel has been given orders to terminate a future threat to angels; a nephilim. After killing the mother of the nephilim, he comes to realisation that he cannot murder the poor child, deciding to give you another chance at life with a very caring man who lives in Michigan. Jack Kline is the son of Lucifer and a human woman named Kelly Kline. He is a Nephilim in the CW's hit-tv series Supernatural. Season 12. While unborn Jack resurrects his mother after her attempted suicide, this had caused Kelly to see he was not evil.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
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  • Prophet!Reader X Cas Request: Hi so I have actually already requested like 2 from you but you are such an amazing writer, could you possibly do a one shot where the reader is the new prophet and Cas...
  • Reader Gender: Female. Pairing: Lucifer x Reader. Summary: Lucifer and the reader are still on the run from Michael, though other angels are closing in. Both the reader and Lucifer have to deal with the fears of being captured and with the fears that the other may believe they made a mistake by choosing this relationship.
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many fandoms what can i say i love them all! 💖 masterlist! request closed! outsiders! riverdale! vampire dairies! beverly hills 90210! freaks and geeks! And Baby Makes Four (Sam x Dean x Reader) Original Request: Hi! Would you please do a Fic where the reader was a former Hunter, but is currently 9 months pregnant with Dean’s baby? Pairing: Gabriel x Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader, Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader, Castiel x Reader (Platonic), Ketch x Reader. Setting: Men of Letters Bunker. Request: Sprouted from my mind. Warnings: Some Violence, Couple curse words, Mentions of Abuse, Mentions of heartbreak, kidnapping? Other than that fluff with a reunited couple. Dean x curvy!shy! Reader ‘I’ll exorcise, not exercise.’ The boys weren’t due due back from their witch hunt for another two days, they’d left three days ago, Sam having left you a quick note... And Baby Makes Four (Sam x Dean x Reader) Original Request: Hi! Would you please do a Fic where the reader was a former Hunter, but is currently 9 months pregnant with Dean’s baby? When Castiel disappears without any further fanfare, Dean suddenly feels like he’s been gutted all over again. He wants that future version of the angel to be saved, sure, but not if this Castiel – his Castiel, even if it pains him to think about it in such terms – doesn’t think he can do it. Not if his Castiel is putting his life on ... An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
….Someone said they thought Castiel followed Dean on the suicide mission in 5x04, simply because he had nothing better to do…. And because he knew that he was going to die soon anyway, as would everyone…what with it being the apocalypse and all.